Los Angeles-based celebrity natural hair stylist- LaShondra Always dreamed of becoming a doctor. "I wanted to heal people," she says, She was also great at doing hair. "My whole life has been this hair thing." while her path did not lead to medical school, it did lead to using her passion for healing in another significant way.

 LaShondra experienced hair and scalp issues growing up, including breakage,thinning and traction alopecia, following years of tight ponytails, braids, and relaxers. After going natural, she searched but could not find natural hair care products that worked for her. So she made them herself -- using nature's garden.

LaShondra treated her scalp ailments by Nuturing her hair with Ankh Holistic Healers Products. Amazed by the results she bottled her healing formulas and Created Ankh with Love.

"Fall In Love with your Natural Hair."


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