"I want all Women to Love their Natural Hair!"

LaShondra was born April 13, 1979 a real Vintage Hippy with a Heart filled with Love. She is delicate as a flower petal but tough as a rooted trunk that holds firm beneath the soils of Africa. LaShondras' blessings are to create and make  people beautiful with all the tools that have been bestowed upon her from birth. LaShondra is a Creatress and an Educator. She has accomplished over 2800 hours of training in the field of Cosmetology & Skin Care Therapy. From her Pre-Pharmacy and Chemistry background, LaShondra created an all natural product line called: Ankh Holistic Healers~All Natural Hair Bath & Body products for the entire family. LaShondra invested over 11 years formulating her product line that came into its existence because there were no Natural Hair Care products for people with Curly,Kinky,Coily hair like hers; So she began to solve the problem by Giving Birth to Ankh Holistic Healers in 2002.  After one year of Trading and Bartering  her wonderful products the public began to demand more. LaShondra then Attended her first Expo "Nappiology" in 2012 where she actually introduced  Ankh Holistic Healers to over 5000 Natural Attendants. From that point LaShondra and Ankh Holistic Healers LLC. has been on the rise for Greatness. Its All about the Experience.... Experience The'Ankh

"Fall In Love with your Natural Hair."


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